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The Force A'Bacon's Cambridge RAG
The Force A'Bacon's
Cambridge RAG
The Force A'Bacon's
The Force A'Bacon's

Leticia's page has now expired

336 days ago, Leticia created this page and gave everything for Cambridge RAG:

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My Story


In a galaxy far far away (though still nearer than Girton), two scruffy-looking nerf-herders are about to embark on an epic voyage. A young Jedi Knight known as Tisha, and her hapless, gender- subverting padawan learner Princess Leia (Charlie) must use all their skills and training in the ways of The Force to try and make it back to Cambridge alive. No money. No map. No clue. Correction: they will not try… they will do (there is no try). May the force be with them.

On the 4th November Tisha and Charlie will be dropped off 200 parsecs (miles for you younglings out there) outside of Cambridge with no money, and no resources to help. We are raising Republic Credits (£ are acceptable too) for Cambridge RAG which is a student run charity fundraising organisation. This year RAG’s chosen charities are close to our hearts. Tisha and Princess Leia have vowed that no money shall be wasted on frivolous pod-race gambling.

The trip is organised by Cambridge RAG, who support 10 charities chosen each year by the Student Jedi Council. Help us make the trip worthwhile by raising money for these great charities, which act locally, nationally and internationally and indeed galactically, but far outside the jurisdiction of any evil galactic empires.

If that wasn’t enough motivation, you can sponsor in a variety of ways – challenge us to get home in less than 12 parsecs or to complete one of the special challenges, and we’ll do our best to grant your wishes. These vary from swimming in a canal to kissing a cow all the way to blagging a police car or helicopter ride, so whatever your motive is for sponsoring us there’s something for everyone. This year, however, any requests involving the use of Jedi mind-tricks, hologram projectors, starfighters, or lightsabers have been prohibited.

It might be a trap but…

Please do take a moment to check out RAG, and to follow us and all the other teams as we share our journey back. Thank you so much in advance! Further details about RAG can be found on their website: After researching, we hope you will not have a bad feeling about this! 100% of the donations go to charity.

Will Tisha and Leia find the donations they’re looking for? The future is uncertain. But whatever happens, The Force will always be with them, and with you….

Thank You

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